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Lauren D'Aries

Hello Friends and Neighbors of Arrowhead Lake! My name is Lauren D’Aries and I am so grateful for the opportunity to announce my candidacy for the ASC/ALCA Board of Directors.  I am seeking your support and trust as we work together to shape the future of our community.


I have been able to call Arrowhead Lake my retreat since November 2021. My husband and I bought our house with our future family in mind. I can’t wait for my future children to indulge in nature, create life-lasting memories, and participate in all the fun family events Arrowhead offers and I hope to see expand even further!


I enjoy cooking,  traveling and exploring national parks. I also love spending quality time with my family,  friends and my two little guys, Biggie (Pug/Beagle mix) and Boomer (Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix). I am a graduate of Rowan University and have 16 years of experience in financial operations with 8 of those years as part of the leadership team. My background provides a wide variety of valuable skills such as analyzing and identifying trends, assessing risk, onboarding/offboarding employees, creating/improving procedures, examining profit and loss, assisting with audits, managing direct reports, and finding resolutions for problems.  I have also attended leadership programs throughout my career to grow my decision-making, management, and interpersonal skills which I believe paired with my financial background will be useful as a board member and in executing Arrowhead’s Strategic Plan.


After closely reviewing Arrowhead’s current financials and the forecasts needed to complete upcoming projects,  I believe growing and maintaining our reserves is imperative to the success of our community. The reserve study, which should be released later this summer, should help guide future project planning. Additionally, it should give a holistic picture of how the board must continue to fulfill its fiduciary responsibilities, acting in the best interest of all members of the community. 


Through attending the monthly board meetings and various committee meetings, I have listened to and taken note of your wishes for this community.  I will work diligently to examine the pain points of the community with a fresh set of eyes to introduce new solutions. I am someone who will champion all members with fairness and transparency. Many of us share similar sentiments, ideas, or desires for the future of Arrowhead, and I believe I can be a voice for many.  


My goals if elected are as follows:

  • Safeguard the interests of homeowners and the long term financial stability of the community by promoting financial responsibility and transparency.

  • Ensure homeowners are heard during board and committee meetings, and that information will be easy to access for those not in attendance.

  • Bring fresh, new solutions grounded in data that benefit the whole community now and in the future.


Your opinion matters and your vote will make a difference! If elected, I will devote my time to ensure the best interest of all homeowners in Arrowhead Lake. I respectfully ask for your vote as a director of the board and I look forward to proudly serving this community with dedication and integrity.

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