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Jessica Colon

Hi! My name is Jessica Colon and I am excited to run for the board of directors. My husband and I
bought our home in August 2020 as an escape from our primary home in Philadelphia (go birds!),
fulfilling our dream to own a retreat in the peaceful woods of the Poconos I grew up visiting. Our home
quickly became a place we would spend most of our time prior to my husband’s deployment with the
U.S. Army in 2021. You can find us lounging on beach 4 or playing bocce ball with many of the wonderful
neighbors we have here. We love sharing Arrowhead as our special place with our family and friends,
many of whom now want to purchase a home here.

I serve on the Environmental Management and Resources (EM&R) committee as the health of natural
resources like our lakes is vital to our community. I attend many of the committee meetings and the
board meeting each month to stay up to date. I cannot commend the folks I have met enough, many
who dedicate significant time to ensuring our community continues to flourish. I want to give back to
the community as they have done by becoming a director on the board.

My professional background helps bring a differentiated offering to the current board. I have over a
decade of experience working in communications, focused on outreach programs to various audiences
with unique needs and backgrounds. Bringing this skillset to the board can ensure membership is aware
of the state of the community and our ongoing events or projects. It is imperative membership feels
heard regarding decisions made by the board and association that will affect them. I believe many of the
issues permeating our community can be fixed through communication, and I am committed to finding
effective ways to bridge the needs of all. I also have experience in grant writing and can help guide our
community toward applicable grants.

My three priorities as a director on the board would be:
1. Ensuring transparent and effective communication across membership of decisions being made by
the board and association. More effective communication not only in the language used, but the
communication vehicle itself, can alleviate confusion felt by members. In addition, as the IT committee
works to help our seniors learn more about upcoming technology in the community, continued and
clear communication will help folks feel comfortable with these changes.

2. Reinstating the member comments and questions within our board meeting notes or finding a new
way to share key topics that are covered in board meetings. An informed community is a better
working community. Knowing exact transcripts may not be the most effective way to communicate, I
can help create different summaries of the meetings, including FAQ documents for folks who cannot
attend the meetings.

3. Guiding our community for the future. As someone who hopes to grow our family in this community,
I want to best utilize our dues to complete all necessary projects and fulfill the goals of our Master Plan.
Our recreation department and committee are doing an amazing job planning a variety of events, and I
would love to see more opportunities for families with young children continue to grow. I also know the
impact rentals have in keeping our dues low, completing future projects, and bringing new homeowners
into our community, so I want to be sure all folks feel welcome in Arrowhead.

Thank you for taking the time to read more about me and if you see me walking through the community
with my dog Margo, please say hi!

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