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Jennifer Honn

Hello neighbors! My name is Jennifer Honn and I’m excited to present myself for consideration to serve on the ASC/ALCA Board.  My husband, John Rennie, and I have owned a house in Arrowhead for 19 years now.  We, like many of you, started out as weekenders, looking to enjoy nature and recharge. We fell in love with the community and became permanent residents four years ago. My mother and brother also moved here last year and I have several friends that have purchased a vacation home in Arrowhead after visiting us... so I'm slowly getting everyone to come join us! 


Arrowhead Lake — it’s in our name! If it weren't for the lakes and surrounding nature, would any of us even be here? It’s part of what makes us special and sets us apart from many other communities. But it’s fragile. If we don’t make it a priority to preserve its integrity through an effective Lake Management Program, then all other issues seem moot. I am the current chair for the Environmental Management and Resources Committee. I am proud of the work this committee is doing and the commitment of its volunteer members, who put their energy into action. I am also the secretary of the Rules & Regulations Committee and regularly attend the Member Services and Security Committee and Board meetings. I’ve learned a lot by doing this and it’s illuminated the areas of Arrowhead’s leadership that are strong and areas that are lacking or could use improvement.  


An area of improvement is to ensure member comments and questions during board meetings are more clearly communicated after the meeting. Goal 4 of ALCA’s Strategic Plan dictates responsibilities for communicating with the membership and this is an area where I feel we have fallen short and must do better. 


As a documentary film/tv editor and producer, my day is filled with creative problem solving. Identifying problems and finding solutions is what I love to do. Oftentimes that means cooperating with people who have different ideas about the answers. I find digestible, understandable ways to discuss complicated topics. I believe a huge part of a Board Member’s responsibility is to inform and engage with members of this community effectively and productively. We can work together to find solutions to everything and we can do it without being combative. My goal as a Director would be to bring my talents for organization and problem solving to this board.  


I believe in the power of data and consulting experts. The board is made up of community volunteers with different professional and personal backgrounds who do an admirable job of trying to guide our community. It’s impossible, however, to know enough about everything all the time. In my professional and personal experience, I’ve learned we don’t need to. We just have to not be afraid to collect data and consult experts to analyze an issue so we can take the most efficient course and plan its execution properly.  


I also believe the health of a community is reliant on its fiscal responsibility to its members. We want to be able to keep our dues as low as possible while affordably executing infrastructure improvements in the community and adding long-overdue amenities. As a member of the ASC/ALCA Board, I would make sure we base our financial decisions on data so that we can more accurately assign priorities and use resources more efficiently. 


To summarize my priorities are:

  • Effective Lake Management

  • Communication and Transparency

  • Fiscal Responsibility

  • Member surveys, data gathering, expert consultation

  • Fostering community involvement & Member Representation

  • Honoring ALCA’s Strategic Plan and replacing amenities that were lost (Old Club House)


If elected, I will represent all members of the community fairly and will communicate honestly and diplomatically. A healthy community thrives when all of its members are involved, engaged and represented – not just a handful of the same members. If you see me out at an event or walking the dogs, please feel free to approach me and introduce yourself. 

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