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Best 4 Arrowhead

These 4 candidates are running as a team.

Together they are committed to preserving our community and

representing ALL of its members. 

STR FAQ from Candidates

Do you support renting in Arrowhead?

Our position on STR's is clear. 

  • We support responsible renting in accordance with the Coolbaugh and Tobyhanna STR ordinances.

  • We support the 2022 ALCA STR policy, and its reasonable fee structure

  • We believe enforcement of the Township STR ordinances is effectively dealing with the problem rentals which have no place in our community. 


Benefits of STRs include:

  • Bolstering revenue by millions of dollars, allowing dues to stay low

  • Funding our reserves that may be used to complete needed infrastructure projects. (roads being the most pressing)

  • Introducing new members into our community, including some of you and ourselves as Renters prior to becoming Homeowners


Do you agree there should be no fees to the rental program as detailed as the basis of the lawsuit?

  • No, we believe that renting owners should pay a fair share.

  • All fees, even outside of rental fees, should be grounded in data. We hope to drive the board to take a data-driven approach to any policies enacted and to use the proper process to enact changes that affect membership. 


This is why we support the Declaration Committees work, which polls the community’s desires for the future of Arrowhead, even outside of rentals, and forces any changes to require a 67 percent majority vote. 


  • We are not plaintiffs in that lawsuit

  • We understand why some owners felt forced to take that action in order to protect their homeowner rights

  • We believe there should be fair and equitable fees.


Where can I find more information on the lawsuit?

The plaintiff list and all accompanying documentation can be found in the Monroe County court records. There also are transcripts for hearings that have occurred thus far. Since we are not a part of the lawsuit, we cannot speak to any additional information outside of what is publicly available. 

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