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Voting Instructions!

Ballots will be coming by mail. You can mail them in or follow instructions to vote online.

If you have accidentally thrown your ballot away, please call the ALCA Member Services office and ask for your code at


Or email the election committee and ask how to get your online voting code and instructions

Jessica Colon

Lauren D'Aries

    They will do the work so you can enjoy

    Life at the Lake!

    Jennifer Honn

    Best 4 Arrowhead

    Our Priorities

    Fiscal Responsibility

    Transparency and

     Effective Communication

    Preservation of Natural Resources


    Decision Making

    Kevin Duggan

    It’s summertime! And voting for Arrowhead Lake’s Board of Directors is probably far down the list of fun activities you’ve been planning. But choosing Board Directors with the cumulative skills to ensure equal homeowner rights and restoring good governance is one way to prevent more irrational decision making that could damage property values and has opened up Arrowhead to lawsuits.


    Lauren, Kevin, Jennifer and Jessica together have the skills to effectively and efficiently work with other Board Directors and outside experts to mitigate and fix some of our current problems.


    Kevin is an IT guy who brings tech savvy to the table.


    Jessica is a logistical powerhouse and messaging expert.


    Lauren is very experienced in financial operations and risk management which the community could really benefit from.


    Jennifer’s skills are strong in communication and creative problem solving. She is also passionate about preserving our environment.


    When your election materials arrive, please vote for the “Best 4 Arrowhead” Team.


    They will do the work so we all can enjoy Life at the Lake!

    If you have any questions for Jessica, Kevin, Lauren or Jennifer or if you would just like to let us know what some of your biggest ALCA concerns are, please feel free to contact us at

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